Around the Bay 30K Road Race

2021-03-25 • Virtual - 2 Person Relay - 30 km

54 Participants • 39 Women • 15 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. Placeleg-1leg-2Official Time
7001Team Alex DeslauriersRELAY02:13:40
7002Team The Rack PackRELAY01:29:1800:11:22
7003Team Are We Even RelatedRELAY01:53:43
7005Team Ausable Road RunnersRELAY01:40:3800:09:20
7006Team Back To NormalRELAY01:29:0000:01:00
7008Team Bell BottomsRELAY01:26:0100:12:00
7010Team Big Red RunnersRELAY01:32:36
7012Team Chasing Toddlers And PrsRELAY01:41:40
7013Team Chippawa ChicksRELAY01:23:13
7014Team Christine HopperRELAY01:37:04
7015Team Cone Of Silence Of The LambsRELAY01:07:30
7017Team Cuties With GlutiesRELAY01:15:25
7020Team Doing It!RELAY02:12:4000:04:12
7021Team Easier Said Than RunRELAY01:26:3200:02:22
7022Team East End MintRELAY01:58:06
7026Team Green Girls 1RELAY01:41:54
7027Team Grey County Road RunnersRELAY01:14:4500:00:01
7028Team Hammy HamstersRELAY01:34:0800:01:02
7029Team JagerbombersRELAY01:31:2600:04:15
7030Team Jane McgladeRELAY02:14:36
7031Team JsquaredRELAY01:32:11
7033Team Lane 2 RunnersRELAY01:13:19
7034Team Laura EmilyRELAY01:20:02
7035Team Leigh SearsRELAY01:45:04
7036Team LglRELAY
7037Team LlcRELAY01:40:3300:04:39
7038Team Mac2macRELAY01:13:38
7039Team Moon GoddessesRELAY01:50:2400:05:31
7040Team The Ko SistersRELAY01:43:18
7043Team Odoyle RulesRELAY02:41:00
7044Team Old HyphensRELAY01:35:54
7046Team Overconfident And UndertrainedRELAY01:39:5800:05:02
7048Team Peaches N CreamRELAY01:59:01
7049Team Run HappyRELAY01:46:2600:19:40
7052Team Smith GirlsRELAY01:24:13
7054Team T And ARELAY01:28:2700:00:53
7056Team 3u03eRELAY02:00:35
7057Team 90%RELAY01:18:4200:08:53
7062Team Old MenRELAY01:08:56
7063Team ScottRELAY01:40:38

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